Project Description

When Wellspring approached us to guide their strategic planning process, we could tell it would be a perfect fit. Our mission is to strengthen community through communication, and that made us uniquely suited to supporting Wellspring’s service to the community as a mental health center. The board and staff at Wellspring are incredibly professional, caring individuals, and were seeking a partner to help them educate stakeholders and the community about mental health issues in a broad context, emphasizing mental health as a positive, normal part of life, highlighting the role mental health plays in overall health, and demonstrating the breadth of services they provide.

In order to help Wellspring realize these goals, our team first partnered with their board to complete a comprehensive re-branding – transforming their image from a simple services provider to a brand that evokes positive, rejuvenating connotations from the first glance. Concurrently, we guided the organization through our adaptive strategic planning process to align all of their incredible work with the big-picture changes they seek to promote in the community.

With their new branding established and eyes set on the future, we turned out eyes toward developing a website that would effectively communicate their vision and connect services with their community.