Project Description

When Steamboat Technical Services was undergoing a structural evolution from their previous organization, we helped turn their vision on a new name into a comprehensive rebranding. Like many services-oriented companies, Steamboat was particularly concerned with maintaining client relationships through the upcoming restructuring. In keeping with our philosophy to operate as a trusted adviser for every client, we helped Steamboat assess rebranding strategies and client outreach well ahead of changes in corporate structure in order to preserve client relationships during the restructuring and rebranding.

Through this collaboration, we grew a new brand identity – Steamboat Technical Services – out of our client’s connection with Steamboat Point, a local landmark. Our team developed updated company collateral and a new website in advance of the corporate restructuring, allowing Steamboat to hit the ground running under the new brand and providing a seamless transition for existing clients. We advised Steamboat on direct client outreach during the transition to preserve client relationships. In developing the new website, we emphasized experience and quality in order to continue providing an attractive brand image to new customers.