Whether you’re reaching out to your audience for the first time or you want to improve your existing approach, delivering the right message to the right people at the right time should support your strategic plan every step of the way. Confluence Collaborative offers an objective yet creative eye and a full complement of strategic communications services to support your efforts:

Customized Public Relations Campaign Planning and Execution

Multi-faceted public relations campaigns require an intimate understanding of audiences and what drives them, as well as a clear view of end goals. We quickly assimilate that information to craft and execute outstanding campaigns that include high-quality presentations, surveys to obtain feedback, public meeting facilitation, and the following services.

Copy Writing & Editorial

From revising existing copy to crafting new content, we work closely with clients to understand their key messages and translate them clearly and effectively in harmony with a number of variables, including the tone of the topic, intended audience, and channels of delivery.

Media Relations

We coordinate directly with mass media professionals to maximize positive, credible coverage of our clients’ mission, policies, and practices, eliminating or reducing the need for paid advertising. Where paid advertising is appropriate, we create ads that maximize your message and optimize placement to best reach your target audience.

Social Media Outreach and Marketing

With social media’s limitless potential to reach new and existing customers comes the need to devote significant time to posting, blogging, making updates, and tracking responses. We effectively manage that ongoing effort for clients on various social-media fronts, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.