Project Description

For more than 100 years, the Mint’s atmosphere and heritage have made it a preferred meeting place, refreshment stop, and maker of memories for travelers and locals alike. PB Communications revamped the face of The Mint Bar in 2014 and 2015. We developed a new look and feel by modernizing the navigation and design of the website, revitalizing the logo, and improving the Mint’s social media presence. Not only this, but we began a text line campaign to help establish a real-time, direct relationship with customers. We also initiated the setup of an eCommerce system in which customers are now able to purchase Mint products through the website.

The new Mint website is aimed at allowing Mint enthusiasts to visit the legendary meething place anytime, from anywhere in the world. Website visitors immediately feel as if they are stepping through the front door of the Mint. We gave a fresh feel to the site, offering visitors a chance to experience the Mint’s rich history. We updated the bucking horse logo to the crisp, recognizable symbol that it is today. In order to help the Mint engage with customers in a way that is relevant to today, we fabricated a marketing plan in which customers can also connect via text message in the ‘Mint Insider’ group. Through this, we worked hand in hand with The Mint to decide on what promotions and giveaways to text to Insiders in order to generate more customer interaction.

Aside from establishing a text line campaign and overhauling the logo and website, PBC worked with a local photographer to bring an online merchandising system into being. This represented the first time that The Mint was able to exhibit its products and make them available for purchase online. We also incorporated the WordPress content management platform to maximize administrator flexibility, making it effortless for The Mint to regulate the website without our support.